Thanks for taking the time to look at my work! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a free thinker who enjoys meeting new people and learning new things. My passions are photography, design, and travel. After two years of full-time RV travel and living life as a digital nomad, my husband and I have settled down in Chicago, IL and welcomed a baby girl into our family.
As for my professional life, I am a well-rounded designer with a degree in graphic design, a minor in photography, and ten years of professional experience. I am currently seeking freelance design and photo editing opportunities.  In my previous position as Lead Graphic Designer, I was the go-to person for flyers, product bulletins, trade show graphics, advertisements, and product packaging. I was also the company's website manager and took the product photography. I am have been involved in all aspects of the projects I've worked on, from conception to design. When the design work is done, I often get quotes and work with printers and other vendors to see the project to fruition. I am a versatile worker and have an aptitude for learning new skills. I never pass up an experience to gain more knowledge or an opportunity to advance my career. 
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